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That was then (April 3, 1860) When one considers how iconic the Pony Express is in American history, it may be hard to believe that the service was in operation for only nineteen months, from April 3, 1860 until October 26, 1861. Perhaps its most famous rider was William Cody (1846–1917), who signed on at …

History of technology


In 1907 the Flemish-American chemist Leo Baekeland succeeded in creating a product that was among the first synthetic plastics. It was the first plastic that retained its shape when heated. On February 5, 1909 Baekeland announced his invention at a meeting of the American Chemical Society. Later than year the product, which he called Bakelite, was patented, and soon it was being manufactured. In a little more than a century, plastic products, once a novelty, have become ubiquitous and unavoidable.