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US history

Lying flags flying

On March 13, 1962 – Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lyman Lemnitzer, proposed performing false-flag terrorist attacks upon Guantanamo Bay Naval Base to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, as a result of which Lemnitzer was removed from his position.

US history

Scary governing

In 1920, Warren G. Harding, after running a campaign of vague promises and dire threats of a foreign menace, won the largest landslide victory in the history of the United States two-party system. In a speech given on February 9, 1950, Senator Joe McCarthy skyrocketed to popularity after falsely claiming the United States government was filled with hundreds of Communists taking orders from the Soviet Union. Demagogues sometimes win elections, but history shows that their governance tends not to last for long before the body politic regains a sense of balance.